Did you know that most Plastics can be welded? This welding technique is the same as welding metals where a filler rod is added when material is hot.  We offer this service as a repair of cracked or broken products parts, in general costing only a fraction of replacing the part and often times much sooner than waiting for parts,  parts no longer available or making original parts with a weakness in design stronger by giving extra support. (This is not bonding by Gluing or Epoxy, having said that we use this method on Fiberglass Repairs which cannot be welded ). We can also make changes or weld fittings etc. onto existing tanks and products.  (For Example Fuel/Gas Tanks costing from $500.00 - $2000.00 ea. can often be repaired for $35.00 - $125.00, ATV fenders costing from $150.00 - $400.00 can often be repaired for $25.00 - $75.00 depending on severity & complexity of damage). Give us a call, Experience the Savings, our work is fully guaranteed. We are happy to give you a quote either by bringing the part in our shop or emailing a picture of repair requirements. We will do work on site if it is not practical to bring it to us. If you are a long ways from our location we can arrange to do it while you wait to save you time and mileage.

Below is a partial list of products that can be repair welded:

Power/Cordless Tools, Chainsaws, Weed Eaters                  Gas, Fuel, Coolant Tanks etc.
Tractor, Skidoo, ATV Hoods, Fenders etc.                             Vehicle Bumpers & Faring etc.
Sprayer and Chemical Tanks/Containers                               Feed Carts, Wheel Barrows
Water Troughs, Water Supply Tanks                                      Waste and Recycle Containers   
Pallets and Shipping Containers                                                Cracks and Holes in Batteries
RV Waste and Water Tanks                                                    Piggy and Calf Hutches
Boats, Canoes, Boat Docks, Rafts etc.                                   Swimming Pool Filters and Accessories

Our Service is by Appointments Only
Available Monday thru Friday 7:00 - 7:00
Saturdays from 7:00 - 5:00
Closed Sundays

We accept Cash, Interact, Visa, Master Card and Discovery Payments

We are a family operated business located near Dundalk Ontario right by Highway 10 between Orangeville and Owen Sound. See Contact Us page above for more info how to find and contact us.

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 Below are samples of items before and after being repaired. Click on pictures to enlarge and see description:

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