" The Dura-Line Mail Box"

We are a family owned operation and started this mail box in 2008 because of our community people saying if you guys can weld plastic that stands up why don’t you make a rural mail box that stands up to the abuse they get out there. After doing some research and testing (especially in the cold) this is what we came up with. You will find this mail box very unique for ruggedness, size and well accepted design.

  •  Mail Box and Posts are constructed of heavy wall 1/4" High Density Polyethylene, same grade as used around hockey arenas, very tough to impact in the cold.
  • This material is heavily UV stabilized for years of service out in the hot sun rays.
  • Heavy Duty Lid Hinge system with 1/4" round Stainless Steel rod used is virtually indestructible and hidden for clean looking appearance.
  • Non rust lid spring and fasteners used throughout, completely weather proof.
  • Lid pulls shut for security & weather proof or springs completely open for ease of     use.
  •  Large Size complies with Canadian Postal Standards (10"wide x 12"high x 20" long).
  • Two-way Mail Flag can easily be seen from on the road and also from your house.
  • Highly visible 1" red reflective tape on each side of Mail Box for better visibility.
  • Material and Labor is Canadian Oriented.
  • Six colors (2-tone and solid) mail boxes are available and mail box posts range from basic right up to your imaginations extent. 

Contact us for details and dealers in your area. Special and Custom made mail box/post combinations can be ordered directly from us. Seconds (minor cosmetic issues) when available can be bought at reduced prices. Contact us now . White mail boxes are available at Home Hardware Stores Canada wide and some Co-ops Stores, General Stores and Feed stores.

As can be seen on last pictures below we also make custom heavy duty Signs of many sizes and styles out of  3/4" High Density Polyethylene Plastic (as Durable as the come). A variety of styles and colors available.

Click on pictures below to enlarge and see info on what we have made in Mail Box and Post combinations in the past, plus different name styles that can be made.

     199190 2nd Line NE, Melancthon, Ontario L9V 2H8  (near Dundalk Ontario)