Our Plastic Fabrication Service offers Boxes, Pens, Kennel surroundings etc. in custom made designs and sizes to fit into your environment. We can make one or as many as you like again right to your specs which seems to be a service that is well accepted in the Industry, Just send us a drawing (even a rough hand sketch) with size and design you would like and we will get back to you with a quote. We use High Density Polyethylene (the puck board grade) plastic, you have to actually see and feel the quality of plastic we use to fully appreciate it, all products made right here in our shop. If you are in the area please feel free to drop in and see what we are up to. Think of us as a Sheet Metal Fabricating Shop but everything plastic. "Your satisfaction is our satisfaction"  "Buy Canadian buy Quality &Service"

When it comes to penning etc. for dogs, cats etc., etc. plastic is the ultimate way to go

  • Plastic is non porous so will not inhibit germs, bacteria, diseases etc. as does wood, concrete and rusty metal.
  • Plastic is very easy to maintain and cleans very easy with soap and water
  • Plastic is clean and sharp looking thus widely accepted by the Vets, Animal Health and Welfare personal
  • Plastic is warmer for the animals than concrete or steel
  • Plastic is not as heavy to move around
  • Used by dog breeders, hunters, pet groomers, in Vehicles for going to the Shows etc., etc. 

Below are some pictures of products we have made for customers and there pets. CLICK on pictures to enlarge and see more info.