We offer For Sale and have in stock for immediate pickup 45 gallon (205 liter) and 25 gallon (120liter) closed top, open top with steel snap clamp for sealing lid and open top screw on lid style plastic barrels/drums in blue and white. These barrels were used before for food grade products so have many different uses such as rain barrels, floats for rafts or docks, for water storage, composting, garbage cans, grain/feed bin, fuel storage, horse jumping, barrel racing, flower planters, storage totes, recycling bins, chemical storage etc. etc. If there is anything you need done with these barrels, with our plastic welding repair service we can weld barrels together in groups such as butted end to end or side by side for docks, rafts, pontoons or what ever, also we can weld on threaded fittings for rain barrels and so on. Pricing as follows ($20.00 ea.  4 or more $15.00 ea., and open tops $25.00 ea.) Contact us now.

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